Costa Rica is one of the most popular choices for Destination Weddings

Santa Teresa is the perfect place for the Beach Wedding of your dreams. We’ve worked with some world class wedding photographers who truly know how to get the most amazing photos from any location.Here is some information about these wonderful photographers.

Adri Mendez

Adri is an accomplished photographer, who truly knows how to capture the perfect wedding photos. A Costa Rican native, she’s taken photographs all over the country. Follow her on instagram, check out her website. Contact her at

Chloe Murdoch

Originally from California, Chloe has taken wedding photos all over the world. Her pictures are truly something special to see. Follow her on instagram, check out her website. Contact her at

Alexander Conejo Ramírez

Alexander has been a professional photographer for over 17 years. He does it all, including fashion photography, sports events, weddings and concerts. He also does videography. Follow him on facebook, check out his website. Contact him on his website.

Megan Mccullor

Oiginally from Louisiana, Megan lives in Santa Teresa, and enjoys traveling all over the world taking beautiful wedding pictures. Check out her InstagramWebsite, or Contact her directly.

Uno Punto 8

Carla, a Costa Rican Native, specializes in Videography and Photography. You can see examples of other work she’s done on her website and instagram page. Click here to see Carla’s Special Offer for Banana Beach clients.

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