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TripAdvisor Site experts specializing in international tourism advisor , along with the users of this network, named eight beaches of Costa Rica among the 10 best in Central America. The list of the best beaches also accompanies the best destinations and best hotels worldwide.

Central list is headed by West Beach Way Beach in Honduras. The next eight positions correspond to Costa Rican beaches and the last place is occupied by the Star beach in Bocas del Toro (Panama).

TripAdvisor lists the best Central American coastal destinations:

  1. West Way Beach (Honduras)
  2. Playa Manuel Antonio (Costa Rica)
  3. Playa Santa Teresa (Costa Rica)
  4. Playa Tamarindo (Costa Rica)
  5. Hazelnuts Beach (Costa Rica)
  6. Playa Conchal (Costa Rica)
  7. Playa Hermosa (Costa Rica)
  8. Playa Nosara (Costa Rica)
  9. Playa Samara (Costa Rica)
  10. Star Beach (Panama)

In the awards worldwide, Manuel Antonio Beach represents our country in 17th place of 25. The best beach at international level is, according to this TripAdvisor, Baia do Sancho, Brazil.

“The road leads to a marvelous beach with monkeys hanging from the trees!” Says the specialized site about Manuel Antonio.

As indicated in TripAdvisor, the best time to enjoy the Costa Rican beaches is from November to May, although some, such as Tamarindo, are recommended to visit throughout the year.

Beauty, cleaning, De-stress and highlight the natural diversity of the concepts that describe Costa Rican beaches.

Written by Joshua Alvarado