Explore the best restaurant options, cafes, and nightlife around Playa Santa Teresa

The Bakery 

Restaurant Options 1The selection varies daily, but some favorites include croissants, banana bread, pain au chocolat, bagels, cheesecake, éclairs, and bread such as whole wheat, focaccia, baguette, and ciabatta. Their breakfasts are great too, scrambled eggs with sides of fruit and of course with their various baked goods.

Restaurant Options 2The Bakery features Café Britt in drip coffee and traditional espresso drinks, as well as iced versions. Whether it’s a cappuccino in the cool morning air or a refreshing iced coffee after a day at the beach, you will find just the selection and atmosphere that you are looking for.

The Bakery is a charming must-do for any visitor to this beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula.


Earth Cafe

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The food is epic, especially the sandwiches. Great atmosphere and great happy and mellow vibes from the amazing staff. Great smoothies and really chilled outside sitting area. Definitely worth a couple of coffee sessions. One of our favorite stops for breakfast or lunch, and our staff loves the carrot cake!


Pronto Italian Street Food

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Pronto is fabulous! When you walk in, you are overwhelmed by the lovely Italian smells wafting up your nose. It is a great casual restaurant for a family lunch.

Take out or dine on the patio. Kamila makes delicious lasagna, eggplant parm, arancini, stuffed peppers with potatoes. Every appetizer, entree, or dessert is absolutely scrumptious! They have amazing vegetarian and vegan options, and the meat eaters are never disappointed! Nice patio to sit in and eat, with shady spots out of the sun during the day. They do breakfast lunch and dinner and open until 8 pm. Must visit Thursday nights for live music, great wine from Tispy next store, and of course amazing Italian food al fresco from Pronto!

Horizon Vegetarian Restaurant

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Experience a celebration of tastes, sounds and pure ocean view in a unique restaurant with an open deck facing the Pacific’s breeze. They grow their own herbs and use only the finest and freshest local products from the organic market in Santa Teresa.

There are plenty healthy options to chose from and everything is delicious. The staff is very friendly, making it a perfect place to have lunch after surfing or yoga.

Al Chile Viola

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The place is an ideal destination for those who want to have Italian and Mediterranean cuisines during their tropical holiday. They have a wide range of Italian and Mediterranean dishes as well as local cuisine.

The mouth-watering, healthy and fresh food at Al Chile Viola Restaurant is expertly prepared by a professional Italian chef called Emiliano Franceschini with the help of his wife, Luz. The staff of Al Chile Viola Restaurant is extremely cordial and multilingual.

Candles and crimson-hued lighting make this restaurant ideal for dates. Start things off right with a bottle of red and the beef carpaccio, and be sure to check the chalkboard for mouthwatering specials like sea bass rolled with grilled vegetables and prosciutto.

Pizza Tomate

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Pizza Tomate is a small family run Italian and Mediterranean restaurant. It was founded in 2001 and is considered one of the most popular eateries in Santa Teresa. The homemade tomato pizza is the trademark of their restaurant. The place has an open air seating arrangement encompassed by a pretty garden and tropical skies that appeals to many guests. After the sun goes down, Pizza Tomate transforms into a charming spot perfect for romantic candlelight dinners under a starlit sky.


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Zula Restaurant is a small and charming restaurant run and operated by an Israeli family. It is a perfect place if you are looking for something a little different for dinner and you would like to try some of the Isreali flavors.

Always busy, their food is great and rich in exotic flavors. Try their classic Isreali dish called “Shakshuka” and don’t forget to order a smoothie. They claim to serve the best smoothies in town and they certainly are good. The falafal and hummus are out of this world!


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One of Santa Teresa’s most renowned restaurants, Habanero is a beachfront Mexican Grill and Bar offering incredible fresh ingredients and excellent Mexican fusion food. House specialties include margaritas, guacamole, fresh fish, and seafood, including lobster tacos, grilled whole fish, awesome Mexican dishes, and much more.


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Katana is mainly inspired by Asian cultures and it tries to reflect the Asian cuisine

in its food creation. This restaurant serves a great selection of dishes prepared with great flavor. It is famous for its delicious sushi. It serves Vegan and vegetarian-friendly dishes as well as gluten-free options.

They offer great sharing platters of sushi allowing you to try different variations and share them with your friends. Great place to go on special occasions as it has a great relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

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Katana’s Yellow curry


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Koji’s Restaurant is a sushi shack that is well known for serving mouth-watering Japanese food, particularity sushi. You can expect a wide range of rich and flavorful cuisines and an idyllic platform for family dinners, romantic candlelight dinners, and special occasions.

Even though Koji’s Restaurant has a wide range of dishes, its most popular cuisines are barely fried grilled octopus with sea salt, crunch lobster sashimi seasoned with fresh ginger, fresh tuna sushi, Nigori Sake, spicy fish rolls and delicious tempura. All of the ingredients used in the sushi house are totally fresh and of high quality cooked to perfection.

The service is super cordial and responsive and the meals are delicious and creative. On your tropical holiday to Santa Teresa, a dinner at Koji’s Restaurant is highly recommended, especially if you have a sudden craving for exquisite seafood and amazing sushi.


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Manzu has an international menu with traditional Tico recipes passed down generation to generation with a fresh, new take on these by Manzu’s head chef. All made with fresh, local ingredients. Let them surprise you with their signature cocktails designed by the Mulberry Project based on local fruits and flavors, while you unwind, relax and take in the natural beauty that surrounds you!


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Nami offers a combination of simple and modern Japanese cuisine with high quality ingredients and local fresh fish. They have great food with very fresh fish. The drinks are amazing (try the Guaro cocktails), and the service is friendly & excellent. Try the seaweed salad!


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Osa is an amazing restaurant that serves a variety of delicious dishes featuring local, fresh seafood and always offers a new menu to highlight what is in season. Great local brewed beers, wine and cocktails. It is a creative, imaginative restaurant that changes day to day, so you always are left feeling satisfied!

Taco Corner

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A fun roadside stand offering delicious tacos to eat there or to go. This place is great for a quick bite or an entire meal from tacos, to burritos, poke bowls, and massive burgers. Now open later to satisfy your late night munchies!

Burger Rancho

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Sometimes all you need is a big, juicy burger! It is vacation after all. When the craving calls, head to Burger Rancho for a delicious burger with specials of the day. Burger Rancho has something for everyone with delicious fish or shrimp burgers, tacos, amazing tuna tar tar, and so much more including options for vegans and vegetarians.

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