In-House Chef 1At Selva Resort we work with several prestigious chefs to offer you in – villa – personal catering. These highly qualified chefs will meet you and customize a meal plan by determining how often the service will be provided and the number of meals cooked each time. You can choose various meals and sides from the chef’s menu, then the chef will shop for groceries, prepare the meal(s) on a designated “cook date” at the Villa. If needed he will package the meals for the refrigerator or freezer, clean the kitchen and leave detailed reheating instructions. The chefs also provide the same services for one-time events such as dinner parties, or special events. They also offer personalized cooking instructions in the privacy of the Villa, either one-on-one or in groups.

In-House Chef 2 

There is usually a collaboration between the client and the chef to determine the menu, based on individual tastes and preferences as well as dietary restrictions. An estimate is then provided by the chef. Typically, the chef is given approval, a deposit, or (if familiar with the guest/frequent client) an expense account for the menu. In terms of experience, the personal chefs we work with at Selva Resort are chefs who have their own restaurants in Santa Teresa and also offer catering. They all have a distinct culinary background and are all passionate chefs with years of experience and knowledge.