Another activity for adrenaline junkies is extreme off jumping. Also by the same company that organises the extreme canyoneering. When conditions are right you’ll have the option of cliff jumping from 10, 20, 30 or 45 feet into the deep pool at the base of the 80′ falls. During this tour you will be deeply immersed into the Costa Rica RainForest.


Malpais, a town adjacent to Santa Teresa has an excellent motocross track. The bikes are in good condition and the track is full of fun jumps and turns. There are also many companies that organise different motocross tours around Costa Rica.You will have the greatest motorcycle experience ever. With exciting trails, meals, adventures and activities. You’ll see monkeys, crocodiles sunning near the river beds and countless wildlife unmatched anywhere else. You will test your personal limits and return a better, more technical rider.


In Malpais and Montezuma, two towns really near Santa Teresa you can go on some very exciting and special rock climbing tours. The company Rock Climbing Costa Rica has scoped out all the cliff faces in the area and has found two absolutely stunning spots that are great for adventurous tourists to try this sport. Whether by good luck, good planning, or both, the locations just happen to be at two of the very best spots to visit in the area. So, you’ll be able to get a guided tour of these beautiful places at the same time!



Diving offers pure excitement. At Selva resort we work with the team of “Iguana divers”. This dedicated team dives every day and you will love the adventures and surprises diving brings. Diving always brings fun and memorable experiences. Sharks, morays, lobsters, sting rays, crabs, and schools of colorful fish are all creatures you can see on a daily basis, and in addition this area has two distinct seasons for very special visitors: the oceanic manta ray (January-April) and humpback whales (August-September). Iguana divers like keeping their dive groups small, so they go out on boats with no more than five or six people plus two PADI dive professionals. This way you can get your time with each of the dive instructors, so that everyone receives the attention they need, plus to have more interaction and flexibility underwater.The biodiversity in our area is absolutely incredible, it’s located between Cabuya, Santa Teresa and the surroundings of Cabo Blanco nature reserve. Iguana divers mission is to inspire personal involvement in the collective effort to heal our oceans. And you can get involved too!




Downhill mountain biking (DH) is a genre of mountain biking practiced on steep, rough terrain that often features jumps, drops, rock gardens and other obstacles. Santa Teresa, Hermosa, Montezuma,.. all these places offer great downhill mountain biking! Trail riding is amazing here in Santa Teresa. Mountain bikers can enjoy mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads, and other unpaved trails. These types of terrain commonly include rocks, washouts, ruts, loose sand, loose gravel, roots, and steep slopes. There are so many hiking trails that can include steep mountain trails and high passes. These rides can last for days. You can decide to just rent a mountain bike and head out or go an awesome tour with a guide. He will take you to the Pura Vida road through some classically beautiful Costa Rican countryside with views of the sea to a secluded and beautiful waterfall! You can make it as extreme and intense as you wish!


Bungee jumping involves leaping off a high point – frequently a bridge, dam or cliff – while attached to a long elastic cord. You can go bungee jumping in Jaco with an amazing extreme adventures company!


Extreme-Sports 1Although not in Santa Teresa but in Jaco you can try out some extreme canyoneering. 4×4 safari vehicles will take you up the mountain over 1000′ to get to a private reserve. When you arrive at the top you will be outfitted with the latest and safest gear from Black Diamond in the USA. You will be instructed on the safe and proper use of our equipment then begin your 5 minute hike to the first zipline. After 2 “zips” over the river you will get a dry training rappel to familiarize you with the proper technique. A short hike down river and you will go swimming and cliff jumping (4-25′) opportunities if you desire! Now it is time to get wet! You will start with 4 rappels from 50′ to 85′. Now it gets EXTREME! The next rappel is the longest unassisted rappel in Costa Rica at 150′ with a drop into a pool. At all times you will be “safe and backed up” by your guides! Now you are deep in the canyon with other swimming natural holes to plunge into. The hike out is about 30 minutes and pretty steep, total tour time is 5-6 hours. You should be in good shape for this adventure!